Peer Review #1

This peer review is on the website Above and Byonkers created by Bianca Weima. Above and Byonkers is a website that talks about Vancouver’s best independent bookstores. Along with discussing the best independent bookstores in Vancouver, she also has a “read me with” sector where she discusses and reviews books that she has personally read.

This website/blog would be perfect for anyone who is passionate about reading, and likes to discover new books or places to buy them. The reading/book club community is a strong and growing community filled with lots of people who have the same interests as Bianca. In her mandate she talks about never letting fear get in the way of her creativity, and I think this is such an important thing to teach people. Fear stops many people from following their dreams and passions, and life can be so much more interesting when you don’t let fear control your decision making.

You can tell that Bianca is passionate about reading, and anything reading/book related, it makes you want to put down your phone and pick up a good book! The way Bianca talks about reading and the overall reading environment shows her audience how much fun and how interesting reading can actually be! Her goal is to share her reading endeavors on her blog, and have it act as a guide to others who want to dive into the reading community. Bianca’s personal brand is reflected super well on her website, and I was able to gather a good sense of who she is as a person and a brand. The colour scheme of Bianca’s website gives off a moodier feel which I like for her content she is creating on her blog.

The moody feel of the website is comforting to the eye, and the white text stands out perfectly. I personally hope to start doing some more reading in 2022, so I look forward to seeing what books and places to get them Bianca recommends. Overall, it is clear that Bianca is passionate about the subject of reading and books, and that is strongly conveyed through her website. I look forward to keeping up with the best books, and locations in Vancouver to buy them! Maybe for once I will put down my own phone, and read a book.